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Imagine walking into a cozy room warmed by a crackling fireplace and filled with the scent of gourmet coffee and tea. You’re invited to choose a beverage, make yourself comfortable on the sofa, and pick out a movie. No, you're not at home or visiting the household of a beloved family member or friend. Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Ben Sutter!

Comforts and Amenities

We are proud of our patient-centered treatment approach, and to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible with every visit, our office is designed with the following comforts and amenities:

To give you an idea exactly how cozy, comfortable, and inviting our office really is, we’ve put together a virtual tour of the practice just for you.


We employ smile design computer imaging, which allows you to see before and after pictures of your smile enhancement before treatment is even initiated. We also use intraoral cameras to allow us to show patients exactly what we see by transmitting the images onto a chairside computer; digital x-rays to aid in treatment planning and protect patients from excessive radiation; and specialized technology that allows us to track how your jaw moves, listen to your muscles and your joints, in addition to showing you exactly how your bite comes together.



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