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Emergency Dentistry – Eugene, OR

Reliable Relief When
You Need It Most

If you or a loved one develop a painful toothache or sustain a dental injury, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time trying to find an emergency dentist. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find the fast and professional care you need—just give For Beautiful Smiles a call, and we’ll work to see you right away. We’ll quickly solve your problem and put a stop to any pain so you can get back to your life as soon as possible thanks to emergency dentistry in Eugene, OR.

Why Choose For Beautiful Smiles for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Man in need of emergency dentistry holding jaw

It can be easy to panic during a dental emergency, but you only need to remember to do one thing: contact our dental office. This will allow our team to evaluate your situation, give you first-aid tips over the phone, and schedule you for an immediate appointment if necessary. Until you can reach us, here are a few things you can do at home to provide some temporary relief:

Man with toothache holding cheek


Rinse and floss thoroughly around the tooth to remove anything that might be stuck. Otherwise, it’s OK to take an OTC medication or apply a cold compress to the face in 10-minute increments.

Closeup of smile with broken front tooth

Chipped/Broken Tooth

Try to pick up any pieces of the tooth that you can find, place them in a safe container, and remember to bring them to our dental office. If the remaining tooth has a sharp edge, be sure to cover it either with some dental wax or sugarless gum to prevent it from causing further injury.

Woman with knocked out tooth covering her mouth

Knocked-Out Tooth

You need to come see us within an hour of the tooth becoming dislodged to give us the best chance of putting it back into place. In the meantime, the tooth needs to stay wet to remain alive, so store it under the tongue or in a container filled with milk or saltwater.

Man with lost dental crown holding his cheek

Lost Filling/Crown

While this kind of issue might not cause any pain, it’s best to come see us quickly to have the restoration repaired or replaced without delay to prevent the tooth from developing any pain or an infection. Try to place the restoration back onto the tooth and do your best to avoid chewing with that area of your mouth.

Man with neck pain holding neck

Head/Neck/Jaw Pain

Is your jaw constantly stiff and sore? Do you experience frequent headaches, particularly in the morning? You might be dealing with a TMD, and Dr. Sutter can help with dedicated treatment that can discover the source of your pain, remove it, and give you lasting relief.

Learn More About TMJ/TMD Therapy

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Woman brushing teeth to prevent dental emergencies

A few daily habits can go a long way in helping you and your loved ones avoid the dental emergencies detailed on this page:

The Cost of Dental Emergencies

Woman at dentist for emergency dentistry holding cheek in pain

Before Dr. Sutter provides any emergency treatment, he will quickly examine your mouth and go over your options, plus he will discuss the costs associated with each. Different emergencies call for different procedures, so the price can vary. If you’re worried about being able to afford this type of care, our dental office is willing to work with your insurance and offers financing to help you get what you need while staying on budget.

Tooth Extractions

Woman holding up an extracted toothå

If a tooth is simply too decayed or damaged to be restored, then the only choice is to remove it. To make this treatment as comfortable as possible, patients can choose to receive dental sedation in addition to local anesthesia, which helps most feel practically nothing throughout the process. Afterward, Dr. Sutter can help a patient quickly fill the gap with a custom-made restoration.

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