Boy wearing  a hockey helmetDid you know that dental injuries acquired from sport activity are one of the most common injuries facing athletes? With an athlete’s body sustaining large amounts of brunt force, it is important that all areas of their body is protected, especially their smiles. Because Dr. Ben A. Sutter believes in complete protection, he is able to offer his patients Under Armour’s ArmourBite. ArmourBite is an athletic mouthguard that protects an athlete’s teeth from potential damage.

The mouthguard works by sitting closely to the teeth and skin, creating a shield of security. The mouthguard comes equipped with Power Wedges, specifically designed to increase an athlete’s performance and reduce the amount of stress. The Power Wedges also repel the negative effects of clenching, being able to avoid the side effects of teeth grinding and intense pressure on the jaw. An athlete is able to speak and breathe simply with the ArmourBite, and comes with a convertible tether. Made in the United States and free of latex, your athlete is sure to be well protected and comforted with the use of the ArmourBite mouthguard!



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