Restorative Dentistry

When teeth and gums are healthy, overall wellness improves and smiles are more confident. With this in mind, we provide expert restorative dentistry to repair chipped, broken, or damaged teeth and replace missing ones.

We perform root canals and place only tooth-colored, non-metal/mercury fillings and crowns. Dr. Sutter also fits and places crown and bridges , dentures and partials, and dental implants. For more serious damage, he restores smiles using oral surgery and full-mouth reconstruction, which incorporates a comprehensive range of treatments.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Disease, decay, and injury can cause serious trauma to teeth and gums, significantly marring a patient’s oral health and appearance. But our expert restorative dentist can bring back your healthy smile using full-mouth reconstruction. Full-mouth reconstruction marries the creativity of cosmetic to the functionality of restorative dentistry to fix and repair even the most damaged teeth and gums.



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