Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is not just a prominent dental concern – it’s also actually one of the most common overall health conditions in the world. In fact, studies show us that the number of patients diagnosed with strokes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease combined each year is still less than the number of those diagnosed with gum disease. Generally, over 80% of the population is assumed to struggle with a mild (gingivitis) to severe (periodontitis) stage of gum disease. Thankfully, Dr. Sutter can provide these patients with the advanced attention they need to prevent and treat this dangerous condition.

Oral Bacteria Testing

Dr. Sutter is focused on the highest level of preventive care. Traditional dental offices diagnose periodontal disease with a perio probe and radiographic bone loss. This is a late indicator of the entire periodontal disease process and the damage has been done. Our Eugene office, employs the very latest microscopic technology which leads to the most accurate identification of bacteria in the mouth. The type of microbes in your mouth are early indicators of periodontal disease. Early intervention in the disease process interrupts the bone loss. Once the bone is lost, it is gone forever! Microscopic evaluation of oral bacteria is an excellent way to assess your risk for conditions such gum disease. Which is important because the disease in the mouth has far reaching effects to the entire body. Conversely, just because you have a little recession is not an indicator of an active disease process. The microscope eliminates the false negatives and false positives in the treatment of periodontal disease.

A simple sampling leads to personalized care

Dr. Sutter relies on the power of a research-grade microscope to identify and evaluate the presence of oral bacteria. With the help of this technology, he’s able to identify the bacteria and design an ideal plan of action for treating the patient and stopping damage from occurring. The only way our team can be sure about which bacteria you’re suffering from is to inspect them first-hand.

As bacteria accumulate in the mouth, their potential to cause significant damage, negatively affect your immune system, and travel all over the body quickly increases. In the beginning stages, they’re able to escape detection by hiding around the teeth and gums, leading to unpleasant inflammation and the destruction of soft tissue. If left untreated, this infection will worsen, causing periodontal pockets to form and teeth to become looser. At this point, it’s much more difficult to effectively get rid of the bacteria, which can result in the infection spreading outside of your oral health and damaging your overall wellbeing.

By utilizing the phase contrast microscope, Dr. Sutter and doctors like him are able to give their patients the best chances of success when it comes to treating oral infection. A common alternative to this technique is Oral DNA testing, but it can only clearly identify less than 50 bacteria species – to compare, your mouth actually contains between 500-600 distinct species. During these advanced stages, patients typically require surgical periodontal therapy, which requires the invasive use of metal instruments to pull tissue away from the teeth and remove expansive colonies of bacteria that were previously inaccessible. With the right motivation and the use of state-of-the-art tools, Dr. Sutter can help you avoid this procedure and maintain a much healthier smile in the long run.

Benefits of microscopic evaluation

Being able to evaluate oral bacteria on a microscopic level allows Dr. Sutter to diagnose your condition at much earlier stages, especially when compared to the traditional probing technique. We can also be sure when the infection has been eradicated successfully! Just a single sample of the plaque in your mouth reveals a whole world of bacteria to our team. Dr. Sutter can also determine how much bacteria is present and what level of risk the patient is presently at. All of this information makes it easier than ever to communicate your needs – you can directly view the bacteria on our viewing slide, even. He relies on this technology both as a diagnostic tool and as an indicator of overall success. After you’ve undergone treatment, a follow-up appointment will allow Dr. Sutter to view any remaining bacteria and determine effectiveness.

Your smile says a lot about both your oral health and your overall wellbeing. Contact our practice today to schedule a comprehensive oral exam with Dr. Sutter.

CO2 laser: Today, many dental offices rely on diode lasers to provide periodontal treatment and other helpful services. However, Dr. Sutter uses a CO2 laser, which has been shown to have the ability to destroy extremely dangerous bacteria. With this technology, our team is able to both provide very precise and minimally invasive treatment for the patient’s gums and eliminate infection that’s able to avoid in-depth procedures like scaling and root planing. We can eradicate all of the bacteria from your periodontal pockets and then confirm our success with our advanced microscope! We hope that patients who are invested in the health and wellbeing of their teeth, gums, joints, heart, and overall body will appreciate the lasting power of our CO2 laser and phase-contrast microscopy.


Microscope phase contrast: With the help of our Nikon research grade phase contrast microscope, Dr. Sutter is able to go a step beyond the simple acknowledgement that oral bacteria is connected with the health of your overall body. Instead, he can evaluate specimens from the patient’s mouth and identify specific types that are severe and present considerable risk. If these bacteria are present, our team offers solutions that can get rid of them successfully; in fact, we’ll always review the effectiveness of our treatment with the help of the microscope to ensure ideal results. We want to make sure that you’re receiving a high caliber of care!

Proven home care program. Once the bad bugs are gone, how do you keep them from returning? Dr Sutter gives his patients the best opportunity to be free from the bad bugs. What you do once this is achieved has a decisive impact on the long term success of the therapy

Digital X-rays. Our digital x-ray equipment emits just 1/20 the radiation of traditional film x-rays while also providing outstanding resolution. Although we consider radiation in the dental field to be extremely low, there is no accepted safe level for ionization radiation. We are very conservative in our recommendations for x-rays, even those taken digitally. We personalize the number and the frequency of x-rays according to each patient's risks and needs. We do utilize a lead gown with a thyroid protector.

Why is all of this important?

Microbes found in the mouth have been linked to Hear Disease and Stroke, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Low birth weight in babies as well as Pre-term pregnancies, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease. By the elimination of these microbes, complications that cause or exacerbate these diseases can be improved or eliminated.

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