Same Day Dentures

Same-Day- Couple hugging each other smilingFor many men and women who are missing teeth, traditional dentures simply aren’t an appealing option. They can slip and slide when you speak, and ill-fitting prosthetics can cause discomfort and difficulty when eating. Fortunately, there is an alternative that allows you to reclaim your smile and the full functionality of a complete set of teeth all within a single visit: Same day dentures from Dr. Ben Sutter. Custom-fitted dentures are crafted and placed on the same day that your extractions are performed for a superior fit, and you never have to worry about spending time without teeth.

Advantages of Same Day Dentures

Many individuals who have been missing teeth for years seek a tooth replacement solution in the form of dentures and partials. Having a full set of teeth is crucial to proper nutrition, clear speech, and self-confidence; after all, a smile marred by multiple missing teeth isn’t a smile you’re very likely to show off to the people who matter most in your life. Dr. Sutter has been providing patients just like you with modern tooth replacement options for years, and he’s always happy to sit down with to discuss your individual needs, concerns, and expectations.

If you and Dr. Sutter determine that same day dentures are the right choice for you, we’ll begin the process by conducting a thorough assessment of your jaw, gums, and any remaining teeth. Specialized impressions will be taken to ensure a comfortable, secure fit and a natural appearance. With the same day dentures procedure, your dentures will be placed on the same day that your extractions are performed, allowing you to move on with your daily life with a full smile that looks as good as you’ll feel.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

While traditional dentures require multiple appointments and weeks of healing before the patient can enjoy the benefits of their new teeth, the same day dentures process with Dr. Sutter allows for a complete set of prosthetic teeth to be placed immediately.  Contact us today to schedule your visit and to learn more about same day dentures. We know you’ll love your new smile!



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