What You Get from a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Eugene

Sometimes, smile damage is so significant that it cannot be fixed with just one or two treatments. If you require a comprehensive approach to improve the form and function of your teeth and the surrounding oral structures, a full mouth reconstruction in Eugene may be the best decision. Dr. Ben Sutter combines the latest technology with his expert approach to provide the most very best results.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is the process of rebuilding or restoring severely damaged, missing, or malfunctioning teeth with a goal of achieving total harmony between the upper and lower jaw. Because Dr. Sutter provides comprehensive dental services, most treatment plans can be completed from the comfort of our office -- but he will not hesitate to partner with specialists as needed for more complex cases.

To perform a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Sutter will begin by examining the health of your teeth and how your upper and lower jaw fit together. Often, improving the alignment of the bite is necessary for achieving total oral health and wellness. He will then put together a treatment plan with the services that will suit your smile best.

Some of the most common treatments performed in a full mouth reconstruction include:

Advanced Technology at Our Eugene Office

As a well-respected dentist trained by the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, Dr. Sutter is especially experienced in performing advanced dental care with full mouth reconstructions. Your dentist stays attuned to the latest in dentistry through his active engagement in a number of continuing education courses. He has invested heavily in the equipment needed to provide the most modern, effective dental care at every turn.

Laser dentistry allows us to perform treatments like gum contouring and periodontal disease treatment with reduced bleeding and discomfort, for faster recoveries and better results.  

Do You Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you are dealing with multiple issues that affect the form and function of your smile (i.e. the way it looks and works), chances are good that you could benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. Some of the most common reasons people need a full mouth reconstruction include:

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